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  • – this is my favorite. It’s with moms in mind. I visit it almost daily. It’s very timely, well written and does it’s very best to be true to our faith. It has a variety of stuff from daily discussion boards, analysis of Sunday readings, craft ideas for smaller kids, resources for teenagers, etc. There are many well-informed regular contributors. They even discuss things like potty training, prom dresses, really the gamut of all things family and motherhood … but very nicely through the eyes of our Catholic faith. Can’t recommend it enough.
  •—This is a site put together by Lisa Hendey. She does a great job. She is also the author of a very nice book called The Handbook for Catholic Moms
  • is a great resource for projects, crafts, you name it, to celebrate feasts and events throughout the liturgical year.
  •, which is the liturgy of the hours. The prayers that priests pray throughout the day. We bought an app for our iPod touches. The prayers and readings are fantastic. There is great information about the saint of the day, etc. Excellent. Richard and I often pray the night prayers together.
  • is the site of this heavy-duty Catholic encyclopedia. BUT their home page … the one you come to now when you type is a clearing house of news and blog stories that are relevant to current events and church teaching. It’s a way to really keep informed with the universal church.
  • Catholic fun and food. Can’t get much better.

TV, Radio and Podcasts

  • Ave Maria Radio is a wonderful resource. It broadcasts locally on AM 990. It’s sometimes hard to get here on the east side. Teresa Tomeo hosts the morning show which is always informative, especially with regard to church teaching on moral and social issues of our times. If you’re driving around town, tune in. There are many great shows on it. You can also listen live or to archived programs on their website at
  • EWTN is on all cable/satellite systems in the area. Certain things I want my kids to watch, like Pope Jean Paul’s Theology of Body for Teens, I’d just record and they would watch on their own. Jason Evert is dynamite on the topic of chastity. I also record shows like the Donut Man and We Are Catholic. Honestly, some of the programming is hard for kids to relate to. Even the kids’ shows because kids expect so much more. But I started putting on the Donut Man as sort of background for the kids, because the songs are really cute and infectious. Pretty soon they looked past the awful 1980-ish wardrobes of the participants and now actually love the show. I keep the programming guide up on my homepage on my computer. That way, when we’re deciding what to watch, we consider EWTN in the mix. We all love the stories and movies about the saints. We’ve learned so much from that channel.

The Catholic Channel on satellite radio. If you don’t have satellite, you can listen to some of the shows online. I like The Catholics Next Door, Gregg and Lisa Willet (when they aren’t too goofy). They are the same folks who did the Catholic Show (above).

  • You can subscribe to Fr. John Riccardo’s podcasts, right on iTunes. They are free, and if you don’t know him, you should. He’s currently pastor at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, Mich. Not only is he inspirational, you always learn something. You can put them on your ipod and listen on the go, or listen from your computer.


God is Real: Sixteen Questions, One Answer by Peter Kreeft

Unplanned: The Dramatic Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey Across the Life Line by Abby Johnson

The Handbook for Catholic Moms by Lisa Hendey

The Prove It! series by Amy Welborn, written for teens.

My Life with the Saints by James Martin, SJ

All Things Girl by Teresa Tomeo, Molly Miller, and Monica Cops

Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn

Anything by Scott Hahn

The Surprised by Truth series.

Take Five: On the Job Meditations With St. Ignatius by Mike Aquilina and Fr. Kris Stubna

Love in the Little Things by Mike Aquilina

Living The Mysteries: A Guide for Unfinished Christians by Mike Aquilina and Scott Hahn

Compendium Catechism of the Catholic Church

Stations of the Crib: A Journey of Hope from Advent to Epiphany by Joe Nassal

A Continual Feast: A Cookbook to Celebrate the Joys of Family and Faith Throughout the Christian Year by Evelyn Birge Vitz

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