Welcome to the Saint Mom’s U site!

It’s no secret that it’s quite a job raising a family in our times.

As Catholic mothers, are called to be saints and to raise our children to be saints and sometimes (let’s face it, most of the time) that’s a one major job.

I’m hoping this site will be a resource for moms who have participated in our monthly program as well as a way to share thoughts and have conversations with each other about living and growing in our Catholic faith as mothers in this very challenging world.

May God bless you and keep you on your journey.

Now, I’m going to talk about myself in third person …

Kristine Hass is a wife of 21 years to her husband Richard. They are the parents of five children from toddler to young adult. She helps run a business, has homeschooled for years and loves, loves, loves to minister through song. An avid reader in all-things-Catholic, she decided to develop this program to meet moms where they are, right here, right now.  Through Saint Mom’s U, Kristine eagerly wants to share with other mothers resources that will aid them on their journey as they discover the beauty, truth and richness of the Catholic faith. She has a degree in speech and media communications from Hofstra University.

Kristine blogs at fivehalos.wordpress.com

Okay, that was weird. But … had to be done.

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