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Play with your food

This is a fun site if your kids are tactile learners … and hungry. Clever ways of incorporating learning about our faith with food. And since there is one with Poptarts, I’m sold.

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One answer

We have been preparing our daughter for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation with the book¬† God is Real: Sixteen Questions: One Answer. It’s by Peter Kreeft. It isn’t specifically or only a confirmation prep book, it’s really a great, easy-to-read and entertaining resource for anyone looking explore the Catholic faith.¬† I highly recommend. I got a kindle version for the ipad via Amazon.

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Hungry like the wolf is Tuesday

March 1st.7 p.m.

Wait. Is it almost March already? I know Sunday’s snow is a rude reminder that we’re still in the throes of winter … but each day is one day less until Spring has sprung. Hope to see you Tuesday!

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